Finally, get a world-class weightlifting coach to help you clarify your goals, construct a roadmap and guide you on the way. 

If you KNOW you’ve got more to give to your training and want to improve your technique, get a personalised touch and guarantee you hit your next goal coaching could be for you.

Why hire a coach?

  • Get a 100% personalised plan built around you and your goals

  • Make the most out of the time you have available to go to the gym

  • Stay accountable to someone that’s focused on you

  • Provide fast feedback and analysis on all your lifting technique

  • Remove all guesswork from the process

Coaching is perfect for you if… 

  • You have a lifting goal you’re trying to hit

  • You’ve hit a plateau in your lifting and need help getting past it

  • You want to learn the correct technique from world class coaches

  • You’re looking for a custom approach to your training focused on hitting your goal

  • You want to guarantee you hit your next PB in any of your lifts

A Better Model Of Olympic Lifting Coaching

Our online coaching provides the most flexible, affordable and personal approach to coaching.

1:1 Assessment

After signing up, you get a 1:1 consultation with Sonny. This will be your chance to discuss your goals and map out the roadmap that will guarantee you succeed. 

Personalised Plan

Every week you will get the next phase of your plan adjusted and aligned to your goals and schedule all delivered on the TrueCoach app. 

Accountability & Support

Your coach will be checking in with you each training day to provide support on your session and make any adjustments to your plan

Video Analysis & Feedback

Olympic lifting is a technical sports - thats why we video feedback is so important to your success. Send in as many videos for review from your session as you want.

Weekly Team Catch Up

Join our “Big Friday” group coaching sessions to hang out with lifters just like you to learn & support each other on the journey to becoming a better lifters

Guaranteed Results

We’re so confident in our process… if you don’t hit a PB after your first 12 week training block, let us know and we’ll refund you your investment. 

As well as world class coaching, we’ve got 2 bonuses for you if you join today:

BONUS: 1 Year Access To The Complete Mobility Manual Library

Your coaching membership comes with 1 year access to our complete Mobility Manual library ($120 Value). Focusing on getting your body moving better and more efficiently will speed up your lifting progress.

LIMITED BONUS: Live in Person Seminar Ticket

Come along to one of my in person lifting seminars and lets SEND IT together. Every year I do seminars on all continents and as a personal coaching client you can attend one of them 100% free. Join me for a day of heavy lifting a laughs.

Meet Your Coach:

Sonny Webster

Sonny has been lifting for over 17 years and coaching students for the last 5 through in person seminars and online training plans, education and coaching having now helped well over 35,000+ students improve their lifting. 

Competing in the Olympic & Commonwealth games and working with some of the best coaches in the world has allowed Sonnys coaching style to flourish. 

Focusing on bringing Olympic lifting out of the dull, damp dungeon gyms and bringing life back into a sport he loves. 

Here’s What Others Have To Say About Our Coaching…

Here's How It Works...

1. Book your risk free discovery call

2. Secure your spot on our personal coaching

3. Complete your onboarding assessment

4. Review your custom training plan once delivered 

5. Begin the journey to better lifting 

After you complete the short questionnaire below you will be able to book your risk free call with Sonny. This call will be to find out about your goals, current training and see if you’re a good fit for the group. 

What Does Coaching Look Like?

You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers...

Do I need to have lifted before?

Not at all. Our coaching is 100% personalised to you and your needs. Whether you're going for a 100kg snatch or never snatched before, we'll work with you to get you moving and lifting the way you always dreamed of.

Do I need access to a gym?

No. We have a lot of coaching clients who train at home with their own weights. To get the most out of the program you will need a barbell and weights heavy enough to progressively overload as the weeks go on. 

If I get injured... can I pause my membership?

Absolutely. We get it... injuries happen from time to time, and as much as we try to avoid them they can really throw off your training when they do happen. 

To pause your training just let us know through the app and we can pick back up as soon as your back in action. 

How many sessions per week will I be doing?

Every program is different and tailored to you - but as a rule of thumb we wouldn't recommend training less than 3 times per week. 

Each session is focused so will only take around 60 minutes to complete, meaning you can easily fit it into your schedule. 

How does the coaching actually work?

Our coaching allows us to give you the highest level of support and guidance from anywhere in the world. After your discovery call you will get an onboarding form and assessment call to deep dive into your goals and challenges - we will then use this to begin building out your plan. 

Every week you will get 1:1 time with your Sonny, an accountability coach and personal feedback on all your lifts to make sure you're progressing as quickly as possible.

100% Money Back Guarantee

You should only be paying for results. Thats why we offer a “PB” or your money back guarantee. If you complete your 12 weeks coaching with us and don’t hit a PB we’ll refund you 100% of your money. 

Personalised Coaching

Starting at $399 per month

More Results From Member