5 Mobility Tips For Crossfitters

By Mobility Manual Co-Founder and Olympic Weightlifting Olympian, Sonny Webster

How to perform at your best and avoid the risk of injury during your workouts...

1. Focus on Whats Coming Up

So often people will rock up to the gym, do a couple of stretches that have no crossover with the workout they're about to do and then crack on... 

If you know what your workout is going to be, or the exercise (especially snatch and clean & jerk) that will be in it, make sure to warm up specifically for those exercises. 

2. Use Your Time Well 

Having a plan and clear exercises to complete is the best way to start a session, but sometimes time can be tight. If you need to.. incorporate some of your mobility in between sets to mobilise for upcoming movements. 

3. Don't Neglect Areas You Feel Your are Already Mobile in.

This is often times the most common reason for injuries during training. You think your mobility is good in a specific area so neglect mobilising that muscle or joint leading to poor performance and a higher risk of injury. 

4. Work on Your Weaknesses

We've all got them... and we all hate working on them... but you've got to put some focus on your weaknesses when mobilising. Having a plan before you go into the gym is the easiest way to avoid skipping this.

5. Consistency is key, One Drill Won't Fix a Life Of Bad Form

It's taken you this long to get to where you are... so a couple stretches now and then isn't going to get you out (it's a hard truth I know). So showing up everyday even for just 15 minutes can absolutely transform how you move, perform and feel at Crossfit and in life.

Are there ANY Crossfitters who wouldn’t like to be more mobile? 

The whole idea behind Mobility Manual is fun focused mobility. Athletes of all kinds shouldn’t have to spend hours stretching only to find what they’re doing doesn’t transfer into their sport. 

You should be able to do fun, focused mobility sessions that create real improvements in how you move that transfer over to Crossfit. That’s why our co-founder Sonny Webster originally created the Weightlifters mobility manual…

…This step by step 40 day mobility plan was designed to speed up recover, reduce the risk of injury and help you get into those tricky postions Crossfit can often get you into.

The Mobility Manual is the sound of a revolution in Mobility training. While others prescribe generic “flexibility” training, TMM is the only company giving sport specific mobility plans to enhance performance.

At the Mobility Manual, we say “Mobility should be fun, fast and focused”. Our plans provide effective training you can do from anywhere - in just 15 minutes per day.

The Mobility Manual will help you to...

  • ...comfortably sit in the bottom of your snatch or clean without the fear of being spat out the back.

  • ...have an effective plan so you can spend more time training or doing things you enjoy, knowing you can fit it into even the busiest of days.

  • ...have a complete, zero equipment protocol that allows you to keep making progress in your lifting no matter where in the world you are.

  • ...not waste time on “stretching” that doesn’t translate to the positions you find yourself in as a weightlifter or Crossfit athlete.

You see, the whole reason why I created this program is because athletes in my seminars struggled… a LOT!

When I first started teaching seminars on Olympic Lifting around the world, I (mistakenly) assumed everyone was there to learn to lift. So I’d show them exactly that, the snatch, the clean and then we’d all hit the weights. 

Disappointingly… hardly anyone hit a PB! 

Next seminar, the same thing happened!

The weird thing was, when breaking each lift down into it’s component parts, everyone had the relevant strength. 

...That’s when I finally had my “aha” moment

I’ve been lifting for over 15 years now, and mobility is just part of my day to day life, but for the athletes I was coaching it wasn’t… 

They’d maybe get 10 minutes before a WOD to stretch or complete a yoga flow from Youtube once or twice per week!

So I spent the next 10 months building a unique pre lifting mobility protocol.

Whenever I would work with athletes I would test and try new practices, focusing on building mobility that transitions into the Olympic Lifting movements…

...leading to over 90% of attendees to my seminars hitting PBs on the day! 

Just from adding in focused mobility work!

Now, I want to help you achieve your goals!

What Crossfitters are saying about the Weightlifters Mobility Manual…

Try our Mobility Manual and Feel the Change. You'll Love It!