We are the only company on the market that provides sports-specific mobility protocols to help people in their given sports.

The Mobility Manual® is the brainchild of our GB Olympian founder, Sonny Webster, and his business partner, Cam Jarrad.

Through delivering his Olympic weightlifting seminars worldwide, Sonny recognised that technical skill in the sport wasn’t enough to be able to succeed and the athletes he was coaching weren’t able to master the movements due to restrictions in the way that their bodies moved (otherwise known as a lack of mobility). 

Because of this, Sonny then spent the next 10 months designing a unique pre-lifting mobility protocol to help weightlifters be able to achieve proficiency and correct technique with their lifts. 

The results that his clients saw from the introduction of this were monumental. They achieved an influx of PBs, were able to lift through the full range of motion, saw significant decrease in injuries, and had an overall better quality of life - all because of improved mobility! 

Since that time, the Mobility Manual® has grown into a much larger entity with numerous sports-specific mobility protocols to help all kinds of athletes with their given sport.

Our mission is simple: to help people move better in order to improve their performance in both their given sport, and in everyday life.

We’re passionate about creating healthier lifestyles and helping athletes to achieve peak performance through freedom of movement. We believe the root of great performance lies with your body’s ability to move freely, and so everything we do encourages people to move, feel, and perform at their best. 

Meet the Mobility Manual® Team

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