What is the Mobility Manual® Ambassador Program?

The Mobility Manual’s® Ambassador Program is an exclusive team of personal trainers, online coaches, content creators, and mobility enthusiasts who have all come together with one common goal in mind: to share their knowledge of mobility, the benefits of being more mobile, and our awesome Mobility Manual® protocols with the world!

As an Ambassador, you’ll have unlimited access to the Mobility Manual® which means access to all of our sports-specific manuals, body part specific protocols, daily flows, and access to our extensive community. 

That means you can try, test, and continue to re-use our products for years to come!

Why Become an Ambassador for the Mobility Manual®?

Not only will you become more mobile from using our bestselling manuals, but you will also receive heaps of other benefits too.

For instance:

  • Receive commission for every sale that you drive to the Mobility Manual® from promoting our products either online or in-person
  • Upskill your knowledge with our infamous Monthly Masterclasses: Participate in our monthly Ambassador Masterclasses where we share our extensive knowledge on the fitness industry, marketing, sales, and social media. (Featuring expert guest speakers too!)
  • Receive exclusive discounts at our partner stores: Big Friday Supplies and The Lifting Zone
  • Join our exclusive Ambassador community where you’ll meet like-minded individuals, expand your network, and make friends for life!

Still unsure whether our Ambassador Program is for you? 

How to Join

  • 01.

    Sign up using the link below - it’s easy, we promise.

  • 02.

    Be accepted into our community and learn all about our brand so that you can start shouting about the Mobility Manual® with your unique affiliate link.

  • 03.

    Earn commission every time someone clicks your link and makes a purchase. It’s that simple!