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Discover How 18,273 Lifters Have Improved Their Olympic Lifting Performance, reduced the risk of injury and increased range of motion with our 40 day mobility plan


Imagine if you could...

...comfortably sit in the bottom of your snatch or clean without the fear of being spat out the back?

...have an effective mobility protocol as short as just 20 minutes, meaning, you can spend more time training or doing things you enjoy, knowing you can fit it into even the busiest of days.

...have a complete, zero equipment protocol that allows you to keep making progress in your lifting no matter where in the world you are? 

...not waste time on “stretching” that doesn’t translate to the positions you find yourself in when performing the Olympic Lifts?

By now, you’ve likely tried some kind of mobility or stretching to improve your lifts…

Maybe one of the apps or a weekly yoga session. 

But you probably got frustrated with the lack of correlation between general “flexibility” and mobility for the Olympic Lifts….

And honestly, I’m not surprised, because none of these programs were designed specifically BY lifters FOR lifters.

You see, the whole reason why I created this program is because athletes in my seminars struggled… a LOT!

When I first started teaching seminars on Olympic Lifting around the world, I (mistakenly) assumed everyone was there to learn to lift. So I’d show them exactly that, the snatch, the clean and then we’d all hit the weights. 

Disappointingly… hardly anyone hit a PB! 

Next seminar, same thing happened!

The weird thing was, when breaking each lift down into it’s component parts, everyone had the relevant strength. 

...That’s when I finally had my “aha” moment

I’ve been lifting for over 13 years now, and mobility is just part of my day to day life, but for the athletes I was coaching it wasn’t… 

They’d maybe get 10 minutes before a WOD to stretch or complete a yoga flow from Youtube once or twice per week!

So I spent the next 10 months building a unique pre lifting mobility protocol

Whenever I would work with athletes I would test and try new practices, focusing on building mobility that transitions into the Olympic Lifting movements…

...leading to over 90% of attendees to my seminars hitting PBs on the day! 

Just from adding in focused mobility work!

Now, I want to help you achieve your goals!

Introducing The...

The weightlifters mobility manual is a 40 day step by step mobility protocol to cultivate the mobility and stability you need to master the Olympic lifts, reduce your risk of injury and feel better in your body.

This approach helps you improve your mobility (the foundation to a great athlete) from anywhere so you can lift with confidence.

The Best Part...

You can do all of this in just 20 minutes per day!

That’s all, whether that's pre WOD or in front of the T.V. at night, the manual is designed to be easily dropped into any schedule.

The Weightlifters Mobility Manual is for you if…

  • You KNOW mobility is holding you back from progressing with your Olympic Lifting

  • You’re new to Olympic Lifting or Functional Fitness and want a step by step plan to progress quicker

  • You want to reduce the risk of injury while training

  • You have just 20 minutes per day to invest in your body

The Weightlifters Mobility Manual is NOT for you if...

  • You expect “instant” results and are looking for results yesterday.

  • ​You’re tire kicking and not willing to put in the necessary work to see progress

  • You’re looking for a traditional strength focused lifting program.

I've done all the hard work for you...

...not to say you don't have to put in the time and energy to achieve your mobility goals. BUT you don't have to waste hours of aimless stretching only to find out none of it transfers over to your Olympic Lifts.

Here’s Exactly What’s inside The Weightlifters Mobility Manual:

The protocol is designed to help you make consistent progress along your journey to better mobility

Week 1 & 2: The Foundations

The first couple of weeks are designed to get you into the habit of doing mobility daily, nothing too complicated creating a platform for you to build off the coming weeks. You will start to feel more mobile and begin to see an impact in your lifts.

Week 3 & 4: Building momentum

By now, you will start to feel a bit looser all round and begin to see progress in both your practice, and your lifts. We start to pick up the intensity now, pushing your body a little further each day to maintain your progress.

Week 5 & 6: Turn up the heat

Into the final weeks! You'll be really starting to feel more comfortable in your Olympic Lifts (and everywhere else too). 

Once you finish your 40 days you can complete the assessment to track your progress and see how far you've come. With lifetime access, you can start from the beginning right away.

Plus... Apply your new found mobility with perfect technique

Snatch technique masterclass

A step by step walkthrough by Sonny on the correct technique for performing the snatch and how you can fully utilise your new found mobility.

Clean & Jerk technique masterclass

Good mobility is the foundation to dropping under the bar for your clean without getting spat out the back. Pair that with the technique you will learn in this masterclass and people in your gym will be asking what you've been doing to progress!

Sample exercise from the program:

With a library of over 140+ unique exercises broken down for easy understanding you can always dip in and work on any specific movement if you need a top up. 

Here’s just a few of the exercises inside:


...And when you join today you get these amazing bonuses:


Express mobility drills

(Value: $27)

Finding time to do a full mobility session (even if they’re just 20 mins) can be tough. So you get access to 5 ‘express’ sessions for when your schedule is tight.

BONUS #2: 

Deep stretch mobility flow

(Value: $27)

Some days you might want that little extra, follow this 40 minute mobility flow to get a deep stretch and reset.


Snatch warm up mobility flow

(Value: $27)

Finding time to do a full mobility session (even if they’re just 20 mins) can be tough. So you get access to 5 ‘express’ sessions for when your schedule is tight.

BONUS #4: 

Clean warm up mobility flow

(Value: $27)

Some days you might want that little extra, follow this 40 minute mobility flow to get a deep stretch and reset.

Here’s Everything You’re Getting When You Sign Up Now For The Weightlifters Mobility Manual

  • Weightlifters Mobility Manual (6 Weeks) 40 Days of step-by-step mobility protocols

  • ​140+ Mobility exercise video library

  • Snatch technique masterclass

  • Clean & Jerk technique masterclass

  • BONUS #1: 5 x express mobility flows

  • ​BONUS #2: Deep stretch mobility flow

  • ​BONUS #3: Snatch mobility warm up flow

  • ​BONUS #4: Clean & Jerk mobility warm up flow

  • ​BONUS #5: Lifetime access to private "Mobility Manual" community

This price is a ONE-TIME-ONLY payment and you get to keep the program FOR LIFE.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Worst case scenario is you invest in The Weightlifters Mobility Manual and it ends up not working for you.. right? Well, let me give you a solution for that.. If you complete the plan and it doesn’t work for you, just send me an email to and I will refund you 100% of your money immediately. Can’t say fairer than that?

Here's How It Works:

1. You sign up (it's only a one time payment)

2. Immediately after that you receive an email from me with logins to the program

3. Start your first mobility session (in less than 5 minutes)

You have the program FOR LIFE!

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You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers…

Q: Is this program suitable for beginners

A: Yes!! The weightlifters mobility manual can be challenging if your mobility is really bad but absolutely doable. Any really tough exercises we provide a scaled version for. 

Q: My mobility SUCKS! Is that okay?

A: I’ve gotta be honest… the first week will be tough! But this is exactly why I created this program to help you get over that. You will start to see progress and be showing off your new mobility to everyone ;) 

Q: How long will I have access to the content?

A: Forever and always... after signing up today you get instant access and can repeat the program as many times as you would like. 

Q: Is this one time payment or a subscription?

A: NO subscriptions for your manual. The Weightlifters Mobility Manual is a one time investment and you can use it over and over again.

Q: I don't have much time in my schedule, how long will it take?

A: When creating this program efficiency was the name of the game for me. One of the best things about the plan (other than the PBs you’ll hit) is that it only takes between 15-20 minutes per day. 

Q: I don’t have access to a gym, do I need any equipment?

A: The entire plan can be done with zero equipment, If you have some it can come in handy but is by no way essential. I wanted to make the most accessible program possible no matter where you are, or what equipment you can access.

Q: Can I buy the program but start it later? 

A: Absolutely! Once you sign up you have it for LIFE so can start and stop as you please. 

Q: How is the content delivered? Does it work on all devices?

A: After purchase you will be able to download our brand new Mobility Manual app on IOS and Android where you can access your mobility manual.

Here’s Everything You’re Getting When You Sign Up Now For The Weightlifters Mobility Manual

This price is a ONE-TIME-ONLY payment and you get to keep the program FOR LIFE.