Mobility Manual Band Set

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Looking for a way to level up your weight training or perfect your balance and general stretching? Then the Mobility Manual Band Set will soon be your go-to!

The Mobility Manual Band Set includes two branded resistance bands to assist you with improving your mobility and flexibility, to help strengthen and develop specific muscle groups, and to increase overall muscle power. With each band varying in intensity, you will be able to choose between them depending on your needs for the session.

Our bands have been developed with a tear-resistant, extremely flexible fabric so there’s no need to worry - stretch them to your heart’s content!


"I have always struggled with mobility and its an area I hated to focus on as I never felt I knew what I was doing. This plan has given me structure, hits all areas and only takes twenty minutes a day. I am loving this plan and could not recommend it highly enough !! Well done."


"Really enjoying the program, it's challenging which I like. After one week I'm already seeing improvements!"